Throwdown Thursday: May 4, 2017

Throwdown Thursdays have been created half because my Thursdays are always turbulent for some unknown reason, and half to vent about my pottery frustrations.

Today was not the worst in terms of turbulence. I took my dad to the doctor and got my Etsy sale sent off. This past week (and well, 2 months) have been spent studying for this dang GMAT and with less than two weeks I am a stress ball. I spent last night at Jesse’s grandparent’s house, we had a lovely time, but I was also pulling my hair out about my practice test results (which Jesse keeps telling me were great but I think they were bad… but maybe since he’s better at this stuff i’ll trust him.)

ANYWAYS. Pottery. Pottery fails all around today. Very frustrated. And it rained so nothing is drying.

Good day.

Wildcard Wednesday: May 3, 2017

Currently I have taken the day off to study for my GMAT. That’s right, i’m thinking about going back to school. I’ve been out a year now and have gone through every wave of emotion one could go through in that post-grad-unfabulousness. I am still ridden with anxiety but i’m going to trek on and try for an MBA within the next year or two.

I’ve also taken the day for some much needed pottery time both in craft and in preparation. I have a renewed sense of confidence stemming directly from the fact that I woke up yesterday morning to find that I made another Etsy sale! (to someone other than someone I know!!!) I’m just a little bit excited. 😉

On the topic of Etsy, the featured image here on this post is one of my favorite lil’ mugs to date. I made the palm tree mug a couple months back and it is one of the few mugs that emerged from the kiln EXACTLY how I envisioned it. I was sure someone would snatch it up quickly, but I have been wrong so today I used it to test some potential photography backdrops in my backyard, because lord knows my Etsy photos are lacking and i’m anxious to re-photograph all my pieces in the future.

If you like the palm tree mug, it is available for purchase here:

Have a happy Wednesday!

– Amanda


My name is Amanda. I’m from the great sunshine state and on most days you can find me on the outskirts of the Tampa Bay area with a cup of coffee in hand.

A year and one day ago today I graduated from my university. It’s a strange thought to set on and i’m still trying to wrap my head around it. At university I discovered a great many things about a great many things, but perhaps the most paradigm shifting discovery I made was pottery.

I could explain in great detail all the events that have led up to the creation of this blog but only one event matters– the moment I realized that this, this ‘doing something even though i’m not 100% sure what yet with pottery’ thing is my dream.

I’ll be posting thoughts, tips, experiences, pictures and the like as much and as often as I can so please enjoy. 🙂