When A Potter Programs

After many days, (I think) it is safe to say that my website is finally done. As I said in my previous post, website building is no joke, especially for a novice like myself. There is no clay to work with, the only time you use your hands is when you click and type, and … Continue reading When A Potter Programs


It’s Been a While

  It's been a while, but i'm here. My last post was in August and since then a lot of life has happened. Pottery-wise I have been working like a mad woman. December and January depleted my stock significantly (i'm very grateful) so as of a couple weeks ago I have all new stuff, including … Continue reading It’s Been a While


My name is Amanda. I'm from the sunshine state and on most days you can find me on the outskirts of the Tampa Bay area with a cup of coffee in hand. A year and one day ago today I graduated from my university. It's a strange thought to set on and i'm still trying … Continue reading Beginnings