Fun Friday: May 12, 2017

I’ve done it again, and missed a few days. This week has been hectic between work, studying, doctor’s appointments, pottery, etc. But alas after this Monday’s GMAT, the test stress will subside for a while! 🙂

Anyways, happy Friday! Today I thought I would write about some fun pottery things I have been doing this week in the little spare time i’ve mustered.

For one, I finally busted out my camera and updated all the photos on my Etsy shop. The previous photos were not by any means bad, but they were taken on my iPad in a cabinet in my family’s store and were fairly sloppy. Now they look much better! The feature photo for this post is one of them, feel free to check the rest out on my Etsy page.

This week I also tried some new things like throwing planters and trimming without using clay to hold down the piece to the wheel. My planter came out a little small, and I forgot how useful throwing on a bat for something so plate like could be, but overall it is a sweet little thing. As for the trimming technique, it was a success!