Mugshot Monday

I knew I would do it, and relatively soon: I missed a post. Friday’s to be exact. I was consumed with my work, my second work, my studies, and my boyfriend’s very fancy but very late night gig in St. Pete. I had no more energy by the time 3am rolled around.

Anyways, happy Mugshot Monday! Today’s mug is one I crafted a few months ago. I loved it so much I decided to keep it for myself. I posted it on my pottery Instagram, @Blummepottery, this morning and as of this moment it has collected 60 likes. 60 likes is the most I have ever gotten on a post on my pottery account and I am SUPER stoked and so so so grateful.

The way I decide how to design and carve my mugs, like the one above, happens as I go and often is a spur of the moment decision. Of course I do plan… or at least try to. I draw things in my sketchbook during the week that I hope to put on my next mugs, but ultimately I decide in the moment while holding that freshly trimmed and handled mug. Sometimes it works, and other times I wish I had planned more.

The way I decide how to glaze my mugs happens in a similar fashion, however I am currently limited in colors and can only glaze my pots every 6 weeks at the studio I work from, so I do get to think on it a little longer. For instance, with this lil’ fish mug I thought a long while on how I wanted to glaze it, mostly because I had thrown it in week 1— 5 weeks before I could glaze it. I ultimately chose 5 different glazes (there’s a 5th, slate blue colored glaze on the inside,) and I used a wax resist for the fish. and had a chat with one of the studio assistant about a technique I could use to get what I had envisioned, and it worked!

And so it ends, my first Mugshot Monday.




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